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Reiki Healings


Just for today:  Avoid anger, Avoid worry, Work honestly, Be grateful, Be kind.

                                                 - Reiki Founder Mikao Usui

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing method for the body, mind, spirit and emotions,
discovered by a Japanese Buddhist. The practitioner activates
universal life force and offers it with intention, to a
person whose imbalanced energies are causing them dis-easement of one or
more of those areas. Many times the issues that arise are caused by
stress, pain, illness or emotional blocks such as anger, frustration,
anxiety etc. Reiki helps to trigger the body’s innate abilities to heal
itself and restore balance, personal energy and well-being. It is
non-invasive, very relaxing and complements without interference, any
healing modality.

All appointments require a $25 deposit upon scheduling, payable by credit/debit over the phone, secured via Square with an electronic receipt sent to your email or cell phone.

Which Type of Reiki Healing is Best For You?

Follow the guidelines below to help choose which is best for you!

Choose a Delivery Method

Reiki Healings can be delivered in two ways:

1.  Direct Healing (In Person)
                                               2.  Distance Healing (sent to a person at another location)

                 Distance Healings can be sent to the recipient in 3 ways:
  1. Preset- sending Reiki now to be set for a predetermined date/time in the future
  2. Queued- sending Reiki ahead of time with direction of it being received when the recipient desires or is ready to receive it.
  3. Real Time -sending now to be received at this moment

Choose a Healing Intention
 (Listed Below)

Practical Reiki Healings- offer an overall healing with attention on specific areas of concern. Reiki is Japanese for “guided (by intention)-Chi” (life force). A combination of Traditional Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki guided through grounded intention The client can be seated or laying down. We will begin with a brief consultation to discuss areas or situations of concern. Once in a comfortable position, drumming/use of vibration will be used around the client to begin to break up “sludge” in the aura. If the client has chosen a reclined position, crystals will be placed along the chakra energy centers for the duration of the healing. If a sitting position is chosen, crystals for the specific healing intention will be placed in the hands. At that point the healer will activate the healing Reiki energy and guide it with hand motions, hovering over the body, above the head, over the shoulders and in center of chest and back. $65

Situation/Qualities Healing- is a healing the receiver defines for a specific healing or purpose. For example, to reduce stress, to aid with sleep or unpleasant dreams, improve intuition, open up opportunities for abundance, improve self-esteem, etc . $65
Karmic Band Healing- a relationship healing for the purpose of strengthening and/or healing that relationship (distance healing), a healing of the energetic cord between two people. Can also be done between the living and the deceased to help with closure (in-person or distance). May be done on behalf of two people other than yourself without requiring permission. This is because it is not a healing for any one person directly, but instead goes to the energetic cord of the relationship between them.    $65
Causal Healing- sends healing to the underlying cause of an issue. Sometimes we are unaware of the cause of a problem. The roots of the problem may lie beneath the surface of our emotions or be related to another time in our past or even past life. $65
Crystalline Healing (requires 2 sessions at least one day apart)- healing for a traumatic physical or emotional experience. Traumatic experiences can cause a “crystal” or muscle-memory, a sort of energetic knot/remnant of a bad experience that can continue to cause pain.  $120 total
DNA Healing - healing deep into the DNA strands to repair strands damaged due to genetics, diseases, or environmental causes. (can be repeated every 3 weeks if there is a known genetic defect or predisposition)   $65
Birth Trauma Healing- a healing for the trauma of being born, particularly if labor/birth was difficult. Can be done for oneself or one’s children.    $65
Location Healing - for healing for the release of negative/upsetting reactions and feelings associated with a place/location. Sometimes a place can trigger upsetting memories from our past or past life even.   $65
Past Life Healing (requires 3 sessions and may be repeated)- works to release and heal residual blockages or traumas caused by one’s past life experiences. While some past life experiences may be part of your life’s lessons in this lifetime, this healing may help with:
1. Release those which you do not need to carry forward
2. Make your lessons gentler and easier to accomplish. In Karma, pain does not equal growth only the delay of it.

NOTE: If intense dreams occur after third session, it is advised to repeat the series of three sessions. Intense dreams are indications of clearing still occurring and is not unusual.

Past-Life Reiki Healings Three (45 minute) Sessions designed to release and heal residual blockages and/or traumas caused by one’s past-life experiences & make Karmic lessons gentler and easier to accomplish in this life. May be done with or without Past-Life Journey Regression/Meditation. $175

Past-Life Journey Regression/Meditation- a 35 minute guided meditation exploring a past-life and how it may be influencing you currently. (based on the work by Sandra Anne Taylor & Sharon Anne Klingler) Done only in conjunction with Past-Life Reiki Healing. Please allow 2 hours for first session.Combined with first past-life healing, $100. Each Past-Life Healing after $60(2 additional are recommended)

Past-Life Package Discount consists of 3 Reiki Past-Life Healing sessions, One Past-Life Journey Regression/Meditation, discussion before and after. Please allow two hours for the first session. Discount Total $200.


Grounding Meditation/Reiki Healing Session

Grounding can be helpful for those who suffer from anxiety, emotional upset, feelings of being overwhelmed or exhausted, or a need to fortify inner strength & stability.

A seated meditation and energy working experience with Amy as she guides your mind with a visualization and your energy with hands-on placement. This helps the body-mind-spirit connection to release unwanted energies & refill with neutral energy to restore balance of self & aura. This session contains the use of grounding crystals placed in the hands, scents and sound. She combines the use of vibration & sound wave recordings, utilizing a drum and left/right brain-synchronizing music.

Great for those who have taken Grounding as a lesson-needing more practice or as a therapeutic treatment.

(Grounding as a lesson not required)

$65 per session

Recording of Meditation Included Upon Request



Practical Reiki Certification

now taught privately or in classroom format