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Private Lessons

Private lessons are scheduled by appointment to ensure that students receive full attention at times that are convenient for them, making for greater attendance, learning, retention and recall.

Private lessons may be shared with friends or family

Take 25% off each additional person and split the total cost!

Deposit may be required to reserve appointment for lessons exceeding 1 hour

*Payment in full required at first lesson

Grounding Lesson

This 90 minute class is about stabilizing your energy levels to help you relax and reduce stress as well as learning to regain lost energy and how to enjoy life more. The main theme of this class is how to ground oneself, either actively or passively, to stabilize your energy level and/or compensate for imbalances. Once mastered, the methods I cover in the program will only take seconds to accomplish. The student will receive instruction as well as guided meditation.
When is it important to ground?
Daily, before work or school, to be at your best, energized and ready for the day. Then again after work, to help wind down after the day, making a peaceful transition into the evening. Before exams, speaking engagements, job interviews or prior to attending a hectic public place. During emergencies or crisis type situations. Whenever you need to be alert and at your best.
Fee $60.


Practical Reiki Certification Levels 1-3

Practitioner through Master/Teacher


see Reiki Certification page



     Love Magick    
In this class we will discuss ethical concerns, self-esteem issues, astrological aspects, colors, herbs, crystals, food and more, to enhance and attract love into your life. Design your own spell or potion. You will also experience a self-esteem meditation to start the transformation and Amy will reveal the formula for her successful Venus Love Potion.

Fee $75.00 


 Intuitive Development Kick-Start

This workshop has been developed to help those interested in tapping into and controlling their intuition safely. I have put together a collection of techniques, visualizations, meditations and exercises that helped me over the years, to bridge the gap to understanding and controlling my intuitive side. In this workshop we will cover; Active & Passive Grounding techniques and meditations (also aids in stress reduction)
Brainwave Cycles & Tapping into Alpha Benefits
Alpha Meditations to increase receptivity
Setting up appropriate Spirit Contacts, Trust and Protection
Instant Alpha Self-Programming (great for instant use of intuition & memory/learning enhancement.)
Reap the benefits of my experience and travel down a road of deeper understanding of yourself and the mystical world that surrounds you. This transformational workshop runs between 2 1/2 - 3 hours Recordings of meditations provided.
Fee $100


Creating Sacred Space

This workshop can be used as a supplement to the Magick With a "K" seminar or work independently. It includes lecture information on preparing space (smudging, holy water, etc.), and giving the space structure (circle) and balance (four elements/quarters). The participation portion of the workshop includes active grounding, alpha brainwave and protection meditations and the creation of a personal intention within the sacred space. I will demonstrate and lead the exercises above as well as giving honor and reverence to Deity and then releasing the sacred space. We will then conclude with a discussion of passive grounding methods , followed by a question and answer period
3 Hour Workshop $100  


Magick with a "K" by Amy Koban

Mag~ick n
1. Spelled with a K to distinguish it from Stage Magic or slight of hand. 2. The practice of affecting the material world, (or other planes of existence) through non-material or mystical means.
In this class Amy will cover theory and meditative practice. She will discuss the two basic categories of Magick; religious and non-religious along with their sub-categories including prayer, blessing, timing, and astrological consideration and using color in spellwork. The meditative portion of this workshop will include basic necessary grounding techniques and alpha brainwave visualizations. We will conclude with a spell designed in harmony with and for the greatest good of the students.
3 Hour Workshop $100  



 This 4 week series is designed to give the student an introduction to astrology through instruction and exploration of self, by means of personal chart interpretation. Upon registration, please inform Amy of your birth date/time/location, so that she can print a personal birth chart for you.
Week 1 INTRO- We will discuss the planets, signs, quadrants and houses of the zodiac and determine the student*s astrological signature.
Week 2 SUN SIGNS- This lesson focuses on the Sun signs of the zodiac and how they relate to health, strength of will, ego and self-esteem. The student will discover how the sun signs help us to relate to partnership and family dynamics as well. We will conclude with the year's upcoming solar eclipses and what influence they may have for the student personally.
Week 3 SECRETS OF THE MOON- This lesson focuses on the Moon and how it relates to our emotions, intuition and experience of early nurturing. We will explore the Moon in the signs as well as the houses and discuss the year's upcoming lunar eclipses along with what influence they may have on the student personally.
Week 4 RISING SIGNS- In this lesson, the student will learn how they may appear to the world through other's perspectives. We will also discover which element the student identifies with the most and several practical ways to correct an imbalance.
Fee- $120. (includes chart and written interpretation)
Each class runs 75-90 minutes.



As presented by AMY K.
The Science of Witchcraft is based in the Cabot Tradition (founded by Reverend High Priestess Laurie Cabot of Salem, Massachusetts), combined with many traditional teachings as well as Amy's fifteen years experience as a solitary witch. This path is designed to instruct, inspire and empower the student to work independently and is geared to give the student a solid foundation from which they can continue to work independently or seek the direction of group practice safely.
The Science Tradition is rooted in Hermetic Philosophy, which governs the cosmos on the physical and metaphysical planes. It's teachings parallel modern physics and gives the student answers as to why magick works. It is a celebration of self, spirituality, and is a path harmonious with the nature of things as well as the human nature.
In Part I, the student will lay the foundation of the path. This includes recognizing energy and grounding it, learning to use alpha (an altered state of consciousness) in magickal and practical living, increasing self-esteem and will power, passive and active mind travel, protection shields and neutralizing harmful energies, The Hermetic Principles, ending with psychic diagnosis and healing (in alpha) with color. Most lessons include both instruction and meditations. Each class runs from 75 minutes to 2 hours.
Part I- 5 lessons, $225.
In Part II, the student will take on a more active role and become a practicing witch. The student will experience the process of spell writing, consecration of tools and altar set up, exploring forms of divination, circle casting, Moon magick/Astrology, creating a witch's magickal cord and learning the Sabbats/holidays. A graduation ritual will be performed by the student to start them on their path and give them the confidence to work and worship independently.
Part II- 7 lessons, $315. (includes materials for cord)


The Spirit of Witchcraft/Intermediate 300

Available When Announced


The Spirit of Witchcraft

For those students who have successfully completed The Science of Witchcraft I & II As Presented By Amy K., who would like to continue their studies, Amy is offering a new level of classes and ritual workshops. This class is group structured, not private

Become a more skilled Solitary Witch and Priest/ess , create structured ritual for others. In this series we will be discussing and practicing;

Creating Sacred Space, Elements & Quarter Calling, Ritual Structure, Planning and Conducting Ritual Energy, History, Ethics, Consecration, Traditions & Ritual, Drawing Down the Moon, Energy Raising-Chants/Song/Sound, Self-Dedication

This series requires that each student participate more, create & write their own ritual structures and dedicate more of themselves; mind, body and spirit.

Graduation will include the writing of a Self Dedication Ritual

To receive a Certificate of Completion;

Classes 1-10 must be attended or made up in a private lesson

Weekly class fee $25 Will run 17 weeks. Private make-up lesson $50

All homework assignments must be completed

At least 3 of the 4 rituals must be designed and attended with a special importance placed on Samhain.

Each student must design a “self-dedication” ritual structure in written form


 Learning the Tarot

In this 7 week series, the student will be introduced to the entire deck, Major and Minor Arcana and receive guidance on developing their intuition for practical use of the Tarot. Also included is a discussion of ethical concerns, recommended books and exercises, magickal resources to aid in reading and various useful spreads. We will briefly discuss Tarot spellwork as well.
Week 1- Intuition, Major Arcana cards of The Fool through The Wheel of Fortune
Week 2 - Major Arcana cards of Strength through The World, Ethics in reading
Week 3- Minor Arcana- Cups
Week 4- Minor Arcana- Wands
Week 5- Minor Arcana- Swords
Week 6- Minor Arcana- Discs
Week 7- Various useful spreads, recommended books, magickal resources and helpers, Tarot and spellwork, learn when each month you are most intuitive, and suggested ritual to bond with and empower your deck
(Please be prepared to give Amy your birth date/time/location so that she can give you an accurate monthly intuitive time.)
7 lessons-$250. Each class will run 90 minutes to 2 hours long 


Shadow Healing With Tarot

 Amy will be your guide as you participate in this mysterious & therapeutic journey that consists of eight lessons that explore, identify, integrate, and aid in healing our shadow side. The reward of this introspective and psychological journey includes uncovering new creative (many times intuitive) abilities that have gone undiscovered and unexpressed and also reclaiming lost parts of ourselves we once valued. This type of work would be helpful to those who wish to expand their knowledge and ability of the Tarot and/or face fears, worry & anxiety, help to heal anger, loss, addiction, abuse, poor self-esteem, etc. No prior knowledge of Tarot is required. This workshop consists of new shadow meanings assigned to the Major Arcana, Jungian contributions, grounding, meditations, reflections of childhood, creative imagery, ritual, tarot spreads for inner discovery, and the creation of a Shadow Altar for focus and workspace. There will also be discussions on dreams, hope, coping, defense mechanisms, healing, forgiveness and the power of intention. A deck of Tarot cards will be needed.

8 Private Lessons  $400

Each lesson runs approx. 2 hours.

Payment in full required at first lesson.

Lesson appointments are flexible with student’s schedule and pace of learning.