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About Amy K

Amy Koban is a 2nd Degree Priestess in the Cabot/Science Tradition of Salem MA. She has been a student & practitioner of the Tarot since 1990. Having been a student of psychology as well, she combines problem solving skills, intuition and spirituality to form a new perspective on your life and it's journeys. As owner and teacher at Amy K's Mystick Boutique , formerly  in historic Lewiston & Niagara Falls, NY, she has been instructing students in Wicca, Astrology, Intuition and Tarot since 2002. She has studied under the Rev. High Priestess Laurie Cabot in Salem MA, becoming skilled at integrating brain wave cycles with problem solving, inner vision and the application of correct energies. She has since gone on to study energy work, magick & spiritualism with the guidance of authors Breid Foxsong & Ray Buckland. Her career expanded in 2005 teaching at the world renown Spiritualist Assembly of LilyDale NY. Amy returned from LilyDale after completing Power Mediumship with Sharon Klingler, adding to her tool kit of insight. In 2013 she became certified as a Third-Degree Practical Reiki Master, receiving her training from Alice Langholt (at LilyDale ,NY) founder of the Reiki Awakening Academy of Ohio, originating in the Holistic Care Program at Cleveland Clinic. She has continued her Practical  Reiki training to become a Certified Practical Reiki Instructor in 2016.